Jacob A. Riis: How the Other Half Lives features photographs by Riis and his contemporaries, as well as his handwritten journals and personal correspondence. New York City was the epicenter of America’s thriving economy, but spawned the worst slums on earth. This is living! This is what I call living. I've hungered for this day. Since Heaven knows when. Year after year with a secret yen. All of my prayers, all my desire. Ev'ry waking momen with my heart afire! Give me the meat without the gravy.

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This is what John meant about 'seeing how the other half lives.' He meant seeing how the other half of the flower lives but also, because it was an expensive restaurant, how the other half of society lived.” Another interesting phrase in the song is “cast iron shore,” which is actually a nickname
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See how the other half lives And you and I will be One shot, pit stop from sailing away And living that working class dream White sands, dark tan The love of my life with a drink In both her beautiful hands And telling me dear If heaven were an Island The Angels woulda made it right here I'm Double fistin' in the Island sun Relax kickin' back

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