A ccumulate virtue and merits. Be compassionate towards all beings. Be loyal to your duties and always seek welfare and benefits not for yourself but for others. Be filial to your parents and kind to your brothers and sisters. Correct yourself and (then you can) reform others. Left: The Daoist Immortal Lu Dongbin, who was an inspiration for Wang Chongyan. He travels through the clouds riding on a dragon (representing the Dao). In his left hand he holds a bottle of the elixir of immortality, which he has uncorked. The elixir fragrance has wafted upward and has become another, smaller dragon (upper right).

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Daoism - Daoism - Religious goals of the individual: The Confucian sage (sheng) is viewed as a ruler of antiquity or a great sage who taught humanity how to return to the rites of antiquity. Daoist sagehood, however, is internal (neisheng), although it can become manifest in an external royalty (waiwang) that brings the world back to the Way by means of quietism: variously called “non ...
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Oct 01, 2008 · Immortals and Immortalism 2.4.1 Daoist Immortalism: Immortality Can Be Sought After and Learned 2.4.2 The Heavenly Lords The Primeval Lord of Heaven The Heavenly Lord of the Numinous Treasure The Heavenly Lord of Dao and its Virtue The Great Jade Emperor The Heavenly Lord of Supreme Oneness and Salvation ...

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