With Amazon EMR release version 5.18.0 and later, you can use S3 Select Pushdown with Presto on Amazon EMR. This feature allows Presto to "push down" the computational work of projection operations (for example, SELECT) and predicate operations (for example, WHERE) to Amazon S3. This allows queries to retrieve only required data from Amazon S3, which can improve performance and reduce the amount of data transferred between Amazon EMR and Amazon S3 in some applications.

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From the time of creating the Presto cluster, configuring Looker and querying data on S3 was less than 10 minutes. With the separation of storage and compute becoming popular on public clouds such as AWS, companies are now empowered to offer self-service “data as a service” to their users and customers easier than ever.
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S3 Media Maestro for WordPress - A complete tool for MANAGING, PROTECTING, and DELIVERING S3-hosted media, creating a secure and flawless playback experience for your customers. Join THOUSANDS of HAPPY MEDIA CONTENT CREATORS who have taken back control of their valuable video and audio.

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