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5-2 Worksheet: Radian Measures and Sine Curve 1. Convert the following from degrees to radians. Express the answer in terms of π. a. 30o b. 45o c. 60o d. 150o e. 180o f. 210o g. 270o h. 300o i. 315o j. 360o k. 390o l. 405o 2. Convert the following from degrees to radians. Express answers in two decimal places. a. 100o b. 225o c. 57.3o d ...
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In this section of the lesson we will work with trigonometric functions, using them to model problems in context. For many students this is easier than working on trig functions in a more abstract case. I use tables, graphs, and problems from two texts for examples: Lial's Trigonometry 8th ed. Stewart's Precalculus Mathematics for Calculus 5th ed.

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