Spring Data Redis dependencies are resolved by spring-boot-starter-data-redis. Spring Boot 2.0 resolves lettuce-core dependency by default using spring-boot-starter-data-redis. To work with Jedis, we need to include jedis dependency in our build file. Spring @EnableCaching enables Spring cache management capability in our application.

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Spring Data JPA; Spring Cache; JMS # 前台. VUE + VUEX + ElementUI # 使用方法 # 数据库. 使用 h2 内置数据库演示 spring data jpa 功能。无需任何配置。 使用了redis做cache,需启动redis,默认端口。 # 测试数据. CreateTestData 类会自动执行,创建测试数据。 # 后台
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Redis Programming by Example (2015) by Agus Kurniawan: Node Patterns - Databases: Volume I - LevelDB, Redis and CouchDB (2015) by Pedro Teixeira: Redis: Questions and Answers (2015) by George Duckett: Redis Applied Design Patterns (2014) by Arun Chinnachamy: Redis: The Definitive Guide: Data modeling, caching, and messaging (2014) by Jay A ...

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